It can take days and even months to rank your website high on Google. However, it only takes a couple of blunders to lose your website ranking even within a week. These are some basic pointers your can check off your list to ensure you don’t lose your hard earned reputation in one blow:

  1. Random Trafficking:

Controlling the traffic on your website is of key importance. With an abundance of traffic on your page, there will be no way of ensuring that the right audience will be available for your website. Unnecessary viewer count can initially add to your traffic number but eventually will guide all kinds of irrelevant traffic that will rank you lower on the charts. Controlling the traffic on your website, thus, becomes of great importance. The web search and traffic patterns need to be understood in order to obtain the best ranks and results for your website.

2. Disorganization and a Hap-hazard approach:

Disorganization of content and ideas on your website can be a simple fumble but can cost you a lot. Hap-hazard content is not only more difficult for the users to recognize but can also be difficult to rank on the search engine. You must make all possible attempts to make your website free from any glitches and upright from all the technical aspects.

3. Lack of search engine optimization techniques:

SEO is extremely relevant for ranking your website higher in the digital space today. Even with the best content and ideas in mind, if you do not optimize your content digitally according to the algorithms of the search engine, it can be very easy to lose your ranking in no time.

4. Hyperlinks and https security:

HTTPS refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure) and is used for making a secure platform available for all kinds of communication over the Internet. Here, a process of encryption and decryption are used to ensure secure transmission of data and information across the digital space. All websites protected under HTTPS are not only protected from malicious interference, but it is also ensured that the integrity of data remains unhampered. This is all the more important for websites which need an exchange of sensitive user information. The coding and decoding of data at separate interfaces prevents this personal information from tampered with or accessed by any unauthorized parties.

Rank of your site makes sales easy.

5. Plagiarism:

Spinning the same content over from different websites can have a deeper impact on your website ranking than you would expect. Finding the same content or similar key phrases at different locations can confuse the algorithm and mislead it from being able to rank either of the pages appropriately. Thus, plagiarized content is likely to be recognized as spam and this will automatically affect the rank that it will hold in the list of search engine results. 

While you are working hard on what to do in order to be able to rank your website in the best possible ways; these are few things you can keep in mind about what “not to do” in order to successfully rank your website higher. Prompt and genuine content along with an upright marketing scheme are the way to go for a better rank and further brand growth.

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