Water is essentially one of the substances that is needed by the human body. It has that chemical formula that is H20 and contains oxygen and hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. This liquid sustenance is probably the most abundant all over the world. It is also one of the nutrients that is used to make the body lose some excess poundage.

Consequently, the fluids you take will lead to the diet program that is referred to as the Water Diet. As a popular fad nowadays, it assists those heavyweights lose the body mass naturally and easily. This kind of diet program does not decrease the amount of food intake you have to make. Unlike other weight loss programs wherein you have to decrease carbohydrates or other nutrient, the Water form of losing weight does not require the use to use such methods.

The real story behind who invented and when the diet was created is still unknown. Some sources out there note the origins of the diet to the year 1997. This is based on the Institute of Psychoactive Research whose records show articles written about the creation of the diet program. The basic concept of the diet program is that when the body takes in cold water it ends up burning the extra calories while burning the body temperature to around 98.6 degrees.

The cold water that is taken will result to the human system striving to warm up and exerts certain efforts to do so. Thus, as the dieter drinks more water, he is able to burn more fats and cholesterol in the body. Moreover, an effect of being full is a result of constant liquid intake in between meals. Cravings and urges to go on a food binge are erased by the fact that your stomach is full.

One major question that many people who is into this program is the amount of fluid you need to take. Essentially, it is important that the right amount and measurement for the water you drink is taken into consideration. It would seem ironic that you would drink eight glasses of fluid at a small shot glass. You may claim that it is already eight but in reality, it would measure to only more than two regular glasses of water. Simply said, it is important that as a drinker you have to take in one half gallon of water every day. This is formed by drinking eight ounces of water per glass. All it takes to lose the pounds is a half a gallon of water. If you are new to the diet and are not that frequent water drinker, certain episodes of urination would be experienced.

However, just remember that the more urine you expel, the more toxins are removed from the body. It is also important to note that with the Water diet, a complete meal is still needed. Altering the types and kinds of food you eat is not part of the program. Exercise programs are also not part of this effort to lose weight. However, a good workout would still be able to do wonders in firming up the muscles and have another assistant in the weight loss program. Drinking water may have been that action that many people have ignored for years. At the same time, with recent researches showing the success of the user, it is a now a widely used method to losing the pounds.

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