Glam summer dressing secrets from Soneca Guadara


Secrets by Soneca Guadara

Following your passion can lead to divine things. However, not many of us are able to follow our passion from the start or recognize what we are passionate about. The easiest thing to do is to follow our interests, just like Soneca Guadara did.

Soneca Sarah Guadara is a fashion enthusiast who now has a successful career as a fashion stylist. Born in New York, this dynamic mother of four started her career as a high school history teacher. When asked what prompted her to make this drastic career change, Soneca says, “Being a fashion stylist came to me very organically. It’s not like I got up one day and decided to become a stylist. I decided to take some classes. While browsing, I came across The FIT website and I found myself scrolling through some of the intensives they had. One class led to the next and before I knew it, I had a certificate in Fashion Styling. Through this amazing journey, I decided this was something I would want to pursue as a full time career.”

It’s been 19 years since Soneca first started her career as a fashion stylist. Since then, she has opened a home accessory store, worked as a wardrobe dresser at the New York Fashion Week, assisted with acquiring outfits for celebrity clientele and worked as a style writer for BctheMag, Hubb.Fashion and Vrai Magazine. Today, she works as a freelance personal fashion stylist and absolutely loves what she does.

Soneca revealed some summer dressing secrets and here’s what she said, “White denim jeans are quintessential to a woman’s summer wardrobe. Block heels are every designer’s runway favorite and you need to own a pair too. Showing a little shoulder is always good and a bold shoulder top is a trend you should definitely try. Swimsuits are an essential too. While you can never go wrong wearing a black bikini or one piece, it is always nice to try something new. Whether you are opting for a plunging neckline or a high waist, you can choose from several options while investing in a new swimsuit this summer.”

With her fashion writing and freelance styling, Soneca is on a roll. Soneca herself believes that there should be a subtle balance between style and comfort. Her fashion sense is a breath of fresh air in an industry that believes in the idea that ‘more is more.’

She hopes to be able to reach out to and help more women style themselves better in the near future. 

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