Essential tips and tricks for professional business networking


Whether you are a self-employed businessman, a corporate employee, or even a manager of a large corporation, you ought to follow some business networking skills to climb further on the ladder of success. These statics of HubSpot are enough to make you understand why is networking vital for you. 85 % of any job in an organization is filled through networking; 68 percent of entry-level professionals have found that face-to-face networking works a lot better than online. 95 percent of entrepreneurs feel that face-to-face meetings are crucial for making a long-term relationship with their client. Here I give a list to 10 of my favorite networking tips that have been beneficial to me through my corporate career. Hope it is of use to you as well!!

The first impression does matter

You may be living by the phrase: “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to networking everyone is there to judge you. Hence always pay attention to how you present yourself in front of the propsect as you never know who can become your potential business associate. The first impression is impacted by your overall appearance and most importantly, your handshake which says a lot about you!! Your clothing should reflect your personal choice while your handshake should be firm and confident to resonate more with the clients. 

Exiting a conversation is also an art

For the first time, it is always good to keep a conversation for 8 to 10 minutes. Of course, the exchange of information such as business cards should take place. You can also take the help of technological trends and apps such as LinkedIn Code feature or following on Instagram. Even if the conversation is an unworthy one you should try not to be rude rather move out with some politeness. 

Face to face networking still holds value

There has been a lot of digital evolution in recent years, which make you feel that virtual interactions may be an excellent networking strategy. But that is not the case in reality. This is like 68 percent of entry-level professionals still value face to face networking in comparison to online.

Ask how I can help

One of the essential networking practice, which has been followed by me is of providing something of immediate value to my new connection. It merely means I attempt to learn about their problems through my social listening tools and offer them a solution. It is all about giving a lot before you start receiving something. Some favors may not revert at all while others may not respond immediately. But most of the favors are often able to find their way back, and they may help you when you are in need.

Focus on a small niche

Effective marketing and subsequent networking can only be possible in a small niche. Hence, instead of wasting time and advertising a lot for a broad spectrum, it is good to focus on just one or two niches that can be your future customers.  But yes, you can surely connect with the unknown pool of people to expand your base. This is as there may be other people out there who may be eager to use your skillset and expertise. The need is just to find them. 

Do not forget to keep in touch 

It is never a bad idea to call and just say hello or even pass some general piece of business information. Connect with them on a personal level by asking them about there ongoing work or congratulating on recent success. This strategy is based on a simple fact that sales grow out of good relationships. Hence focus on maintaining them. 

Final words

Last but not least, always remember that networking is all about connecting with people rather than collecting them. This is a true life skill that takes time to build and nurture. But the results are extraordinary. And I am sure by adhering with the strategies mentioned above you will be able to make people gravitate toward your message. Its time to make new connections, reduce the distance between you and your goals. After all, you deserve greatness!

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