Different types of Visa to Travel in India

To visit India without any hindrance and obstacles, it is mandatory have a valid visa. According to the type of visit, a relevant visa for India is required to be made before entering the country.

Numbers of foreign nationals visit India every year for different purposes like education, medical treatment, tour and travel, job, and business-related works, etc. Depending upon the purpose of their visit, a suitable visa has to be made. Having a valid Visa is mandatory if you are planning to visit India. According to the country where you are from, the methods of obtaining visas are different. If you are from the United States, you should apply from a website that is meant to travel from the US to India. The process of applying a visa would be of the same regardless of which country you belong to, even though there are different websites to access. Certain important things are there that you need to know before applying for India Visa. Here are some of the types of visa to be made to enter India.

The Type of Visa Available

The Govt. of India offers various types of visas according to the purpose of your entering the country. These visas differ in many aspects including the duration, eligibility, and requirements.


To visit the country as a tourist for a specific period up to 180 days, a tourist visa is required. There are conditions for a few countries where they are not allowed to stay more than 90 days even though their visa is valid for 180 days. So, carefully check your visa, and remember that the number of days to stay counts from the day your visa was made, not from the day of landing into the country.

Business Visa

For business purposes like visiting the country for a company’s needs, you should have a Business Visa. It is different from the employment visa. There were records of illegal cases of misusing a business visa for work purposes. So, a company’s letter of recommendation showing a bona fide reason to visit the country is always required.

Employment Visa

Like how many Indians migrate to other countries for jobs, people from abroad also enter the country for jobs and services. To work in India with a job offer, an employment visa should be made. In this case, proof of an employment contract is required.

Medical Visa

For those people who wish to visit the country for medical treatment should get a medical visa. Quite fortunately, a medical attendant visa can also be obtained for the one is accompanying the patient. The validity of a medical visa depends upon the treatment and can last from 1 month to 1 year.

Student Visa

Many Indian educational institutions attract a lot of foreign students in the field of humanities, sciences, technology, and many more. For students who have got admission into an Indian institute, should have a Student Visa to enter the country. The validity of student visa lasts until the day when his/her academic course complete.


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Depending upon the purpose of the visit, the types of visa also differs. If you are planning to visit India, start checking the requirements, eligibility and the duration of days you wish to stay in the country and get a suitable visa for India.

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