Content marketing strategy trends for second half of 2019

Marketing in 21st Century

The great Seth Godin has once mentioned that content marketing is the only marketing left. By saying so, Seth meant that the focus of the marketers should not be on creating content that plays the role of re-purposed advertisements. Instead, it should be authentic and useful to the audiences. With these thoughts in mind, here, I share the content marketing strategies that will rule in the second half of the year 2019.  

Create a personalized content

Imagine a scenario where you visit a landing page to buy an ebook on healthy foods. You are asked to enter your name and mail id. Surprisingly when you visit the site the next time you are greeted by your name and given the options of books on healthy foods!! This strategy of personalized content is sure to create a long-lasting impact on the buyers, and it is also critical to your current and future success. In fact, according to a survey, marketers feel that peroslnsiationed content has helped them in delivering better customer experience, enhanced loyalty and generate measurable ROI. One crucial tip: Always remember that personalization is highly dependent on data. The more you know about your consumers, the better you can deliver them a personal message.  

You can also explore how to create a valuable long form content.

Video content is in

There has been a drastic change in content consumption by the buyers since last decade. This is particularly true for video content consumption that is going up every year since 2005. According to Forbes, 87 per cent of digital marketers are using video content in there marketing strategies. Fifty-nine per cent of the company decision-makers will prefer to watch a video than go through its blog post. These content formats focus on the use of great visuals, the art of storytelling, as well as movement. The short-form video (of less than 2 minutes) perform better. So, if you just target the audience that read blogs or articles, then you may miss out on people who are more interested in video, audio or a mix of all. Hence, It is high time that you invest in visuals to get an edge over your rivals.  

Align your content marketing with the voice search option

Well known marketer Mr Neil Patel recently mentioned that by the year 2020, half of the google searches would be voice searches instead of text. People will ask a query to their Google assistant, Alexa and Siri who in turn searches the content and provides results. This strategy is sure to cause a change in content as well. The tips for aligning your writing style with the way of speaking include using a question and answer approach; full-sentence questions; brief and to-the-point answers; longtail keywords in titles etc. You can even try your hands on tools like answerthepublic to get an understanding of how keywords can translate to questions. Of course, it is not easy to adapt your content with the natural language search, but with the time you should be able to gain mastery over it.

Keep the content short and precise

Today is the era of the Millenials and creation of a short and crisp content is what they look for. Your content may rank on the 1st page of the search engine, but it might not make the users read it.  Hence focus should be on creating less content that can be easily read on mobile devices as well. 

Use of interactive content 

The presence of a lot of content on the internet has resulted in a shorter attention span. The end result is a difficulty in reaching and engaging with the customers. The solution to this problem is by the creation of an interactive content which drives two-way communication from the readers. This includes the use of content types such as quizzes, tests, polls, surveys, or providing insight about current topics or even an issue they face in everyday life.

Final words 

I am sure you must be agreeing with most of the trends mentioned by me. And if you are looking out for a winning content strategy for the second half of the year 2019, then create a proper plan for it of then the basis of trends as mentioned above. Last but not least, stick with the plan to make it a reality. 

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