Coinsbit will perform IEO for the software platform tokenization of agricultural assets Kernel-Trade


Coinsbit exchange will perform IEO for Kernel-Trade, software platform tokenization of agricultural assets and real estate. Kernel-Trade Platform intends to stimulate the development of agro-industrial enterprises through the creation of a tokenized ecosystem for physical assets and property rights.

“The KNL ecosystem is a real economy on the blockchain with new impressive opportunities for private investors as well as small, medium and large enterprises. The platform aims to unite managers and asset owners with investors through the creation of low-risk blockchain-based financial instruments backed by real estate, agro-industrial assets, property rights and so on,” the Kernel-Trade team states.

About Kernel-Trade

Kernel-Trade is a revolutionary investment platform focused on agriculture. The platform brings together farmers, traders, investors and exporters of inside a secure and efficient ecosystem. Creators of Kernel-Trade intend to accelerate the development of agricultural businesses through digitalization of assets, real estate and raw materials.

The Kernel-Trade platform acts as a Central part of the KNL ecosystem. It will allow users invest in agro-industrial enterprises, providing industry participants a platform for a public offer of assets. Entire transaction on the platform will be held with the use of the token KNL and their own blockchain Kernel-Trade technology Stellar.

Users of Kernel-Trade will be able to tokenize the rights to share in the enterprise, movable and immovable property and agricultural raw materials. Procedure of tokenization and listing of assets on the platform includes:

  • business and legal audit of the enterprise;
  • inspection of agricultural land;
  • choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction for the asset;
  • creation of a smart contract.

All tokens on the platform are backed by real physical assets, which safety is guaranteed by Kernel-Trade. The company provides for the purchase of grain storage elevators and conclusion of partnership agreement with other owners of elevators.

About the KNL IEO token

IEO token KNL will be held in two rounds. The first round will be held from September 7. Total amount of tokens sales within the IEO is 17 000 000. The price of the KNL token is set at US$0.1, and the minimum purchase amount is 1 KNL. The minimum fee target is US$350 000, and the maximum is US$1,700,000. The distribution of tokens:

  • sale – 50%.
  • marketing and ecosystem – 25%.
  • team – 20%.
  • Foundation – 5%.

After IEO, users will be able to purchase KNL tokens from project investors.

About Coinsbit

Coinsbit – registered in the Estonian cryptocurrency exchange, supporting up to 10 000 transactions per second. Coinsbit web application is protected from hacker attacks by technology Web Application Firewall. More than 95% of all assets on the platform are stored cold wallets for extra security. In October, all the registered coinsbit users will receive its tokens which will be issued Oct,10th for the amount of US$500.

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