Artificial Intelligence Job Market


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic these days, and it looks like it’s going to become even more important in the near future. As many people are trying to enter the job market or change careers, requirements have started to climb quite fast, and companies are now looking for people with competence for positions of this type. Those looking to get into AI should focus on building their skills in certain areas.  AI includes Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) and all three of these are in high demand.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

One quick look at the job market is enough for a startling revelation. There are not enough AI experts out there right now – especially in the United States. Artificial Intelligence, to be honest, is the future.

A Growing Shortage of Experts

One quick look at the job market is enough for a startling revelation. There are not enough AI experts out there right now – especially in the United States. This is mostly tied to the fact that companies have started to realize what they need to get from these data specialists and have been able to define a more concrete set of requirements. At the same time, it looks like not enough people are following the right training courses for this line of work.  This means that there is a shortage of 6 figure jobs across the world because there are not enough trained resources.

What Is the Average Employer Looking for?

Working with AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning involves several things, all of which have to be developed separately and on equal levels in order to perform well on this market. Programming is the obvious number one candidate, but it’s far from everything or even the only thing. According to AI Expert Ernesto Lee, if you want to be good with AI, you do not need a PhD in mathematics, you only need to be aware of the right kind of math.  This means that a cursory understanding of Linear Algebra and Statistical Methods would be very beneficial and usually a simple 5-day refresher training is all that is needed to solve this problem.  More important than the math is a good understanding of data – especially wrangling large sets of it – is also good to have, although this is something that comes with the job and can be learned over time.

Long-term Implications

There are also some long-term implications in the rapid advance of AI technology. Certain fields are going to become more competitive in the future, as many of their workers slowly start to get phased out. Automation is already here, and there are many indications that it’s going to hit various industries hard. Those without the appropriate set of skills are going to get left behind – and the job market will be quite the difficult place to navigate for them afterwards.

This makes it important to focus on developing strong AI skills as early as possible. Those who don’t want to get phased out as automation starts to take over should make it a priority to work on certain technical skills, like the ones we described above.

Securing Good Prospects

There are various opportunities for learning AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning on a deeper level for those who’re feeling motivated. is a relatively new platform on the market, but it’s already been making rapid progress. They have been successful in taking people from a variety of backgrounds, providing them with AI skills and watching as they go work for some of the world’s largest companies.  The founder and CEO, Ernesto Lee, describes the vision of the platform as: “an incubator for those who want to invent the future.  We aim to bring people closer to the skills they need in order to progress in their careers and build a solid life in the next generation economy.” With several different courses ranging across a variety of fields, is one of the best options on the market right now when it comes to building new skills. They even offer live courses through partners, remote courses, and training on demand.

It’s important to take advantage of offers like that if you don’t want to be among those who fall behind the trends. Times are moving fast, and it won’t be long before AI has started to phase out several different jobs in the IT market. Those who’ve been diligent enough to prepare themselves early on stand to gain a lot. The rest will have a lot of catching up to do.

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