Architects and Modern Gas Fireplaces – Fire Up Your Freedom To Design

Architects and Modern Gas Fireplaces

Architect, few features compare to all that a designer fire can bring. After all, what else can add instant ambience and drama; atmosphere and comfort? They can be used to contrast against water elements or create a unique fiery al fresco area fit for long summer evenings of entertainment. Designer fireplaces could and should serve as the focal of a room (or two rooms, if you choose to create a feature fire partition).

Architect, it’s time to fire up your creativity. The next generation of gas fireplaces have arrived. Let’s explore all that they have to offer.

“We like to think we’re the designer’s friend – providing the solutions that free them from being tied to traditional wall placements with Cool Wall Technology and Power Vent System that dramatically broaden where our fireplaces can be positioned.”

  • Tal Gross – CEO, and Owner of Ortal Fireplaces

Cool Wall Technology – Say Goodbye to Design Restrictions

Traditional gas fires pose a big problem when it comes to the design of key walls – a problem that comes down to simple physics – everything that sits above the fire feels the effects as the heat that rises. 

Heating up to temperatures between 280 and 380°F 0 to 6 inches above the fire, and still lingering between 240 to 320°F even at 6 to 12 inches, the result of this heat could lead to the distortion of your feature wall, the peeling or discoloration of your Pantone of the year paint – cracked Calacatta marble, warped wood paneling, bent, split or melted tile adhesives. 

It will almost certainly endanger a meticulously handpicked piece of art, or wall mounted television. But perhaps most seriously of all, it could be a safety hazard that poses a serious risk of future fires. 

Cool Wall Technology is a heat release/air system which channels the convective heat from the fireplace behind the wall and out of the room; the air continually circulates – never allowing heat to collect – always keeping the wall, along with the TV, art and finishing materials cool.

The result is drastically lowered temperatures – temperatures that sit between 100 – 120 °F at 0 – 6 inches and 90 – 100 °F at 6 – 12 inches.

 “With four decades of history behind us, we’ve seen trends change and trailblazers who end up leading from the front. Alongside them we’ve been inspired – exploring potential paths, designs, ideas and concepts to overcome challenges and create the most stylish fires on the market.” 

  • Tal Gross – CEO, and Owner of Ortal Fireplaces

Tunnel Vision with Indoor/Outdoor Fire Places

Ambitious designers are innovating in ever more original ways to ensure the welcome encroachment of the Great Outdoors, in, and in the world of fires, it is the indoor/outdoor fireplace that’s breaking the barrier between the two.

Tunnel indoor/outdoor fireplaces form a double aspect focal point, unifying both spaces by merging interiors with exteriors. Also, Know about the indoor fireplace.

Stylishly, your clients can enjoy summer evenings in warmth and comfort, through a consistent design that extends outside. Or, for clear cut contrast between the interior and exterior, opt for traditional outdoor materials, like concrete, stone, brick, or stucco for the outdoors, and more refined materials such as marble, metallic porcelain, or terracotta for the indoors.

Media-Enhanced Fireplaces: Take a Seat, The Show’s Just About to Begin…

Logs and branches; stones; glass; the types of bricks or granite – choices in design are an architect’s prerogative, and yet few designer gas fires go further than offering options for finishing materials for the walls above and around the fireplace. Being unable to switch and mix materials and design elements restricts your creative endeavors – it’s simply not the way Ortal Fireplaces believe that designers should have to work.

“Sophisticated design. Endless possibilities. Clean lines.

These three concepts define the design of every Ortal  fireplace. 

Every fireplace we craft (which total to 80 in number) has an array of choices – from reflective mirrors, to lighting options, onto ceramic logs and pebbles. This level of customization is essential to flex and fit around the design concepts of our interior stylists and architects.”

  • Tal Gross – CEO, and Owner of Ortal Fireplaces

Safety, Rethought. Versatility, Reimagined.

There shouldn’t be a compromise to be made between your design aesthetics and safety, yet safety challenges and stringent regulations place pressures on the designs of the architect. No creative wants to succumb to the limitations of red tape, which is exactly what lies behind Ortal Fireplaces unique barrier solutions.

“Wood-burning fireplaces and open-front gas fireplaces offer little to no protection from burns. Our heat barrier solutions dramatically reduce the temperature of the outer glass panel, in full compliance with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations.

Ortal direct-vent fireplaces also produce 28 times fewer particles than the average wood-burning hearth or stove – for industry-leading air quality”.

  • Tal Gross – CEO, and Owner of Ortal Fireplaces

Ortal Fireplaces is a name synonymous with style and innovation. Over forty years, they’ve paved the way for today’s contemporary gas fireplaces. Seen within countless homes, luxury hotels and spas, and upscale restaurants, Ortal Fireplaces are behind the statement fires in a long line up of illustrious venues around the world.

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