Amazon Launches Military Veterans Employment Programme In India


One of the worlds leading e-commerce store Amazon recently launched a new programme in India with the name Military Veterans Employment Programme that promises to help the employment to the army families.

This programme is going to create employment for Military Veterans families in different departments in Amazon which includes Sort Centres, Delivery Centres, Company fulfilment centres etc.

Amazon India is partnering with the office of the Director-General of Resettlement (DGR) and the Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO) to create continued work opportunities for military families across the country,” a statement said.

Already Amazon has 17,500 employees globally who are from the Military Veteran background.

The MoU between DGR and Amazon India is in final stages of approval and participation of Amazon in all upcoming job fairs across India has been approved by DGR,” a spokesperson from DGR said.

Will this programme make any change in their families?

Absolutely yes! This programme is going to make a change in military families. The military is of the people who are working for the nation day in and day out without taking care of their health condition and whatever it might be, for them only after their nation and the duty.

Definitely, this programme is going to make a change in their families. Their families deserve much more. This program is a decent start and it can certainly help them in leading their lives more peacefully and happily without stress.

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